Sunday, 29 June 2008

Cut Keke , Dina Lorenza-Gathan

Cut Keke Tak Diundang Dina Lorenza-Gathan Before dina Lorenza, Gathan four years married the artist Cut Keke.
Currently after rising the bridal dais again Ignobly, Foto Cut Keke was not invited by Gathan to be present in his wedding reception.
Gathan married Keke on November 8
Four years together, both of them were separated.
The hose three years were a widower, Gathan kepincut Dina.
On Sunday (29/6/2008) the marriage both of them were spread out in the Grand Kemang Hotel.
Rencannya in will strike 19,00 WIB later will have the reception.
The Keke matter that was not invited by him, the descendants's Arabian man had the reason.
"Gimana yes, I not possibly telephoned or smsed the wife" of the "person, that not I really."
His house address then I not knew, so gimana wanted ngirimin the invitation, he said at length.
The marriage reception according to Dina indeed was spread out simple.
He and Gathan only spread around 200 invitations.
"But possibly would nambah yes," continued Dina that last week was sick through to finally failed married that.
In the marriage both of them, both Gathan and Dina received marriage advice in order to not fail again.
Gathan then hoped that could happen because he felt he has met the woman who was just right for him.
"That yesterday failed that, was made the lesson by us."
Yes, his profit of Dina his person was communicative, his person was honest, I liked that like that, explained Gathan.
With Gathan, Dina that from the marriage beforehand with Muhammad Heru Kusuma was blessed with a child did not postpone to be again pregnant.
The presenter infotainment the birth May 22 1975 that really wanted to be blessed with the child again before his age reached 35 years.
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